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BH Group Inc. provides public safety agencies and government with innovative, reliable, and quality solutions in answer to governance, communication, organizational, and technical challenges.

Communication Centres across North America are struggling to understand the impact Next Generation technologies will have on policy, procedure, and response. Integrating new technologies into existing workflow processes is a challenge but the results will speak for themselves with a properly managed process. NFPA guidelines state 95% of alarms received should be answered within 15 seconds, and 99% answered within 40 seconds.

The guidelines also state 90% of alarm processing should be completed within 64 seconds, and 95% within 106 seconds.

NFPA guidelines
Calls answered within 15 sec
Calls processed within 40 sec
Calls completed within 64 sec

Does your centre comply?

Incremental improvements in delivery of public safety services are no longer sufficient to meet stringent demands from management, policy-makers, and citizens. Public demand for transparency, cost control, and increased efficiencies are increasing.


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