9-1-1 Everywhere in Ontario Act

9-1-1 Everywhere in Ontario Act

A private members bill for 9-1-1 in Ontario has been sent to the floor and I have been asked by the NDP Nickel Belt MPP France Gelinas for support by passing along this email .

9-1-1 Everywhere in Ontario Act, 2019, PETITION-911

Let’s support Ontario’s 9-1-1 and Public Safety practitioners as they work toward a better public safety environment for all Ontario residents. This includes effective legislation to support sustainable funding, governance, and standards of service. Details are below.

Dear Allies of 911,

Please feel free to share this with other members or anyone else you know in your communities. I am writing from the office of FRANCE GÉLINAS, the MPP for the riding of Nickel Belt. We have a bill on the floor of the Ontario Legislature called Bill 75 –  9-1-1 Everywhere in Ontario. Our bill has passed stage 1 and we need your help reaching the next stage.

As long time advocates of a better 911 system we hope you will broadly support this bill. You will find the bill attached.

You can support this bill having a chance in the following ways:

  1. Send a letter to MPPs, in particular government MPPs, indicating your or your organization’s support for this legislation and what it would mean for you/their constituents/Ontarians. Feel free to share stories that demonstrate the need for the changes in this bill. (Please bcc Gelinas-qp@ndp.on.ca and cpasieka@ndp.on.ca so we can keep track)
  2. Call the office of MPPs to let them know you support this legislation and why you think this legislation would be helpful if passed. (Please let us know if you have made any calls and to who if you can).
  3. Send us a statement of support that we can include in our materials.
  4. Collecting signatures on our petition sending your petitions to us. Note, we cannot accept petitions by email due to legislature rules.
  5. Tweet at MPPs letting them know you are a constituent/organization who operates in their area and want this bill to pass. You can use the hashtag #911Everywhere to say you think this bill passing is a good idea.

If you can do any of these actions this week it could make the difference.

If you support this bill and would like to come to the legislature to see the debate from the floor on the afternoon of Thursday May 9th,2019 please let us know! You can also come see the press conference that morning if you like.

This bill is at 2nd reading debate stage. This means if it successfully passes this stage, changes to improve the bill are still possible. You may have a piece you think could use a change, but if it needs to pass this stage successfully before this can be considered. We can’t do it without stakeholders like you letting MPPs know that you care about this.

Should anyone have any questions, we would be happy to answer them. Please contact our office at any time.

Thanks so much in advance for any support you can offer. To watch the debate live visit the video link below.

Video Link: https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/video

Contact Information: Clara Pasieka Legislative Intern / Interne législatif, FRANCE GÉLINAS La députée de Nickel Belt MPP, 416-325-9203


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