BH Group Inc. Successfully Completes Malaysian Emergency Response System (MERS 999) Comprehensive Study

The Federal Government of Malaysia operates a national emergency response system hosting a variety of public safety agencies across the country. While the national Response Centres answer an average of 1.2 million calls per month the false call rate remains high and customer satisfaction is low. Response times and call metrics have not met the benchmarks initially envisioned.

The Challenge: The Response Centres (RCs) are run by Telekom Malaysia on behalf of the Government of Malaysia. BH Group Inc. was asked to evaluate the entire MERS platform including personnel, operations, equipment, and training to determine what improvements are required and develop a roadmap and action plan to implement.

The Solution: BH Group Inc. assessed the existing systems, operating environment, and Human Resources program(s). Interviews were held with numerous user groups including employees, management, agencies, City representatives, and other stakeholders and independent reviews of existing technology, procedures, and documentation were conducted. A full needs assessment was prepared, an evaluation of current operational status, gap analysis, and final report detailing operational alternatives. An itemized action plan based on ten recommendations and a detailed task list for improving performance and interoperability were included in the deliverables.

The Result:

The Government of Malaysia enthusiastically received the results and is reviewing the recommendations and timelines. Indications suggest the project will move ahead.

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