Federal Government Of Malaysia

Malaysian Emergency Response System (MERS 999)
Comprehensive Study

The Federal Government of Malaysia implemented a national emergency response system in 2008 known as the Malaysian Emergency Response System (MERS). The 3-digit number chosen was 999. As of 2015 the system was still not 100% operational nor was it delivering the benefits originally promised. Costs continued to rise, and customer service ratings were low. Additionally, public safety agencies participating in MERS were unhappy with the service.

The Challenge

The rate of false or silent calls accounted for over 95% of MERS 999 call volume. Locating callers was a constant challenge and calls to 999 were taking more than four minutes to transfer. Public safety agencies were also not satisfied with system performance. Reporting was not timely, functionality was limited, and the mobile network still had significant gaps in coverage.

The Solution

BH Group Inc. was contracted to perform a detailed study to determine the root cause for several technical and operational inefficiencies and propose solutions. Areas of study included evaluation of the entire 999 emergency communication platform (telecommunications system including call handling services, system capacity, dual Tetra radio systems, mobile network, CAD/RMS, call taking Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement, Training, Human Resources, location technologies, backup/failover, and COOP systems).

The Result

An extensive assessment process, including data analysis, and interviews with multiple stakeholders provided the foundation for several recommended improvements. A comprehensive report with implementation options, action plan, detailed task lists, and budgetary estimates was delivered. A formal presentation to federal stakeholders outlining priorities, budget requirements, and rational concluded the deliverables.