Keith Johnson – Edmonton Police (English)

Inspector – Police Communications Branch – Edmonton Police Service

  • 0:50: How do you see the role of call taker evolving for 9-1-1?
  • 4:20: How do you see the role of emergency dispatch evolving?
  • 8:50: When you examine the emergency call center environment, what impact do you forsee in the evolution of the role for human resource management for its members.
  • 12:40: What new competencies and skills will be required for these positions?
  • 18:50: What recruiting challenges are associated with Next Gen9-1-1?
  • 22:20: How are you preparing for these challenges?
  • 27:10: What recommendations do you have for other agencies who are just beginning to prepare or who have not yet begun the process of change toward Next Gen 9-1-1?