Municipalities Of Vaughan, Markham, And Richmond Hill

NG9-1-1 Business Needs Assessment

The Challenge

The municipalities of Markham, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan were tasked with finding efficiencies between the three municipal fire and emergency services. The agencies requested an assessment for a logistics outline to form a joint fire dispatch centre. BH Group Inc. was retained to provide subject matter expertise for the study.

The Solution

BH Group Inc. provided emergency communications subject matter expertise during the process to evaluate technology, services, 9-1-1 service delivery model, Human Resources, and workflow. Each department managed their respective service according to different management, workflow, and technology requirements.

BH Group Inc. resolved differences in stakeholder opinion to arrive at a common set of objectives. Current emergency communications space, backup, and disaster recovery infrastructure was reviewed, and several locations evaluated for suitability as a joint emergency communications centre (ECC).

The Result

Study recommendations included:

  • Options for restructuring the 9-1-1 service delivery model to gain efficiencies and improve service levels for all municipalities
  • Requirements for a resilient, reliable, and robust technical infrastructure
  • Skills and personnel development requirements,
  • Network design options to build a secure emergency communications LAN
  • Options for short term improvements, medium term objectives (colocated centre), and a plan for full consolidation long term were provided with task list, roadmap, and budgetary estimates for planning.