Province of Saskatchewan Provincial CAD replacement project

Improving Service Through Technology

The Province of Saskatchewan has a 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) located in the City of Prince Albert. Prince Albert is unique because in addition to its own municipal jurisdiction it also provides 9-1-1 call handling services for all regions outside of serviced municipal boundaries where 9-1-1/E9-1-1 service is available.

Case Study Details

The Challenge

The centre was faced with an outdated Computer Aided Dispatch system that did not meet current needs and could not be upgraded to meet future needs. The staff had built work around solutions including an in-house Records Management System to address the lack of functionality, but the system was no longer expandable. The new business model required a fundamental shift in operational workflows and tools to accommodate the new goals and objectives of the provincial strategic plan. Further, the new model also required a sustainable funding mechanism and governance Agreements between stakeholders and partners to work successfully.

The Solution

BH Group Inc. was asked to manage the implementation of the new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to ensure that the business requirements for each agency, stakeholder, and partner were captured and addressed. This would ensure that the future readiness would be taken into consideration to accommodate the existing and new business models throughout the transition. Our team also assisted in developing working relationship Agreements for participants.

BH Group worked with all partners, stakeholders, and agencies to determine business requirements, developed the statement of work and identified the primary goals and objectives for the project. We then managed the project from beginning to end including the coordination of hardware and software services to ensure that the system was ready for Go Live. Working with the project team members we developed work schedules, set out the training requirements and outlines, and managed the project budget.

The result

The system was cut over in phases to allow personnel time to absorb the business workflows in stages. This approach resulted in a clean and manageable cutover period where continuous testing identified any critical issues before the live date. As each workflow was cut over, old systems were turned off one by one with no interruptions to service. The PPSCC is now well prepared for future challenges.


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