Province of Saskatchewan Operational Evaluation Study

Improving Service Levels Through Workflow Evaluation and Optimization

The Province of Saskatchewan has four 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) located throughout the Province in the cities of Regina, Saskatoon, Lloydminster, and Prince Albert. Each PSAP provides Police, Fire, and EMS call taking, and various response or answer/transfer service within their own municipal boundaries. The City of Prince Albert is unique because in addition to its own municipal jurisdiction it also provides 9-1-1 call handling services for the regions outside of serviced municipal boundaries of the province where 9-1-1/E9-1-1 service is available.

Case Study Details

The Challenge

The province was faced with challenges on several levels. Private PSAPS responsible for servicing small outreach areas were forced to close due to funding cuts, potentially leaving citizens without access to 9-1-1 service. Additionally, lack of civic addressing information for a large portion of the province was affecting levels of service, and finally, outdated 9-1-1 systems and software was imposing system capacity restrictions in areas that were experiencing significant growth.

An additional overarching problem lay in the rich natural resource base of the province. A central repository of critical infrastructure information did not exist, nor were there any cooperative agreements in place to share or provide information during large scale incidents such as flooding, derailments, pipeline leaks, or natural disasters.

The Solution

As part of an overall business re-alignment, BH Group Inc. was asked to evaluate the operational capabilities of the Prince Albert Emergency Communications Centre and make recommendations on and develop a plan to transition to a new business model that would include additional lines of business. As part of the overall provincial strategic plan, the PAECC would increase its operational capabilities to encompass fire, enforcement, and EMS dispatch services for all areas of the province not serviced by another PSAP, excluding areas that do not have basic or enhance 9-1-1 service. The name was then changed to the Provincial Public Safety Communication Centre.

BH Group Inc. conducted a thorough operational analysis of the PPSCC to determine current capabilities and compared the results against the requirements for the new business model and the goals of the Ministry’s strategic plan. A transition map was created and successfully implemented ensuring that staffing levels met the timeframe for the new operational model Go Live.

BH Group Inc. also assisted the Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing (CPSP) with the requirements analysis and scope development of future projects to complete technology upgrades for the centre. We also assisted the Province in the review and selection of a vendor to provide a new Computer Aided Dispatch and mapping solution to meet the requirements of the new business model and long term vision set out in the strategic plan.

The result

The transition plan was successful and the new system implemented. The PPSCC is now successfully providing call answering services and dispatch services for 175+ fire departments, 8 government enforcement agencies, and a radio help desk for a new province wide radio system. The system has also been planned and scaled to provide future access to other provincial entities and information during large scale incident response. This configuration fulfills a provincial strategic requirement for a Common Operation Picture (COP) platform.


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