Province of Saskatchewan 9-1-1 replacement project

Preparation and Transition to Next Generation

The Province of Saskatchewan has four 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) located throughout the Province in the cities of Regina, Saskatoon, Lloydminster, and Prince Albert. Each PSAP provides Police, Fire, and EMS call taking, and various response or answer/transfer service within their own municipal boundaries. There are numerous secondary agency dispatch centres within the province with unique telecommunications configurations provided by SaskTel the provincial ILEC.

Case Study Details

The Challenge

The Province is struggling with methods to increase service levels and keep individual agencies apprised of incident progress. Outdated telecommunications equipment and systems between PSAPs does not allow the delivery of ANI/ALI information to all dispatch centres and equipment is becoming harder to replace. The Province has committed to replace the existing 911 infrastructure with Next Generation technology in partnership with SaskTel.

The Solution

BH Group Inc. was asked to oversee the project and act as Project Manager on behalf of Sask911. Our team has worked with the ILEC and Sask911 to review the project and draft technical and operational specifications from a collective primary agency perspective. We are working with the ILEC and vendor to evaluate system requirements from the client perspective regarding network infrastructure, bandwidth, termination, redundancy, equipment location, and functionality.

BH Group is working with all partners, stakeholders, and agencies to draft a new operational paradigm with the ILEC regarding Service Level Agreements, response timeframes, and budget models for the new system. Governance models for the system have also changed to reflect the new partnership status between the Province and SaskTel with the ILEC becoming more accountable to the Province.

The result

The system is not NENA I3 compliant but will remain a hybrid solution for some years to come based on existing ILEC infrastructure. The designed solution will be the closest model to I3 yet in Canada with the ILEC hosting the system and all communication relayed in native IP format to each primary PSAP. The system will be ready to take advantage of Bell’s new BID 13 Version 16 platform when it begins deployment later in 2013. The new system provides the Province with many Next Generation capabilities including texting to 9-1-1, video, In Call Location Updates, and other automated data such as Advanced Automatic Crash Notification (AACN) as they deploy across the country. Now that the report on the Canada wide Texting to 9-1-1 trial has been submitted to the CRTC for review follow up work can begin to address the limitations outlined in the report. Saskatchewan’s new system will be prepared when it deploys.

The system will also be prepared to handle the recommendations of the new ESWG TIF72 Sub-Committee (Change of PSAP 9-1-1 Data Connections to IP in support of T9-1-1, ICLU (Wireless Phase II), and preparation for NG9-1-1 – Understanding PSAP Impacts).


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