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Today’s business environment requires constant adaptation to change to maintain top quality response and service while
funding levels decrease. BH Group Inc. assists public safety organizations in becoming proactive and taking control by
anticipating and planning for change, rather than waiting for it to happen.

Our team works to maximize operational efficiencies through training, technology, and workflow solutions. We then follow up by evaluating progress against industry best practice measures. Our mission is to build strong and lasting partnerships by delivering professional services focused on quality results. Our team members are committed to working with you to identify issues, develop action plans, and implement solutions that fit your specific business need.

Fast, measurable results, and Return on Investment (ROI) are at the top of most decision makers’ lists. We deliver by actively managing client expectations, setting clear goals and objectives, and developing comprehensive project plans designed to be meaningful, easy to interpret and accurate.

BH Group Inc. provides a variety of services uniquely tailored for each client and our partners share our passion. Together we deliver value with concrete results based on experience and knowledge.

portfolio of services

Communication Centre Operational Evaluations and Strategy Planning

A study delivered in three phases. First, a complete and unbiased review of existing operational strengths and weaknesses; second, a review of organizational goals, objectives, and vision as they relate to future operations capacity and growth; and third, recommendations on how to reach the long-term objective with an organized fiscally responsible approach.

Next Generation Technology Evaluations and Migration Planning

A comprehensive review of existing software and systems, operational processes, and future requirements. The final product provides a concise road map for operational and systems migration.

Communication Centre Consolidation Investigations

The current economy demands new ventures deliver increased performance, economies of scale, and fiscal responsibility. A consolidation study considers operational structure, governance, policy, cost, risk, and levels of service in a complete review of the positive and negative aspects of consolidation.

Technology and Systems Strategic Planning

A comprehensive review of current technologies and systems in comparison to future vision and operational capacities. The result is a strategic road map outlining technology and resource requirements, costs, and timelines with budgetary estimates.

Project Management

Projects can quickly overwhelm internal resources with administrative responsibilities in addition to current workload. Choose a collaborative partner with in depth industry knowledge, credentials, and know how to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Evaluation of Proposals and Information Requests

Experienced industry professionals review proposals to ensure primary interests and industry best practices are addressed prior to the initiation of the procurement process. Our team will assist with preparation, release, receipt of responses, evaluation, and contract negotiation.

Release of a request for information prior to the procurement process can provide important intelligence and industry best practice information. Our team will assist with preparation, release, receipt and collation of responses.

Interface Specifications Documents

Today’s public safety environment demands interoperability between systems and services to improve service levels and maximize efficiencies. Our team is experienced in drafting detailed requirements specifications addressing the intricacies of data exchange protocols and business requirements.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Is your agency prepared for a disaster situation? Operational requirements including personnel, food, shelter, water, and facilities should be reviewed on a regular basis but those items are only part of the equation. Technical facilities, personnel, and systems also require regular attention to maintain readiness in the event of a disaster.

Standard Operating Procedure Review

Don’t leave your SOPs to sit and collect dust. Finding out in the middle of an incident that an SOP is out of date defeats the purpose and creates exposure. Procedures change over time and should be reviewed periodically to keep them current and useful. Let our team help your agency tackle the process and keep your comm centre up to date.

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