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BH Group Inc. uses time tested proven strategies to solve 9-1-1 and emergency communications challenges.

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Communication Centres across North America are struggling to understand the impact Next Generation technologies will have on operations, policy, procedure, and response. New technologies can be challenging but proper planning and change management can significantly smooth out the transition.

NFPA Guidelines

1 %
Calls answered within 15 sec
1 %
Calls answered within 40 sec
1 %
Calls transferred within 30 seconds
1 %
Calls processed within 64 sec
1 %
Calls processed within 106 seconds

How does your PSAP measure up?

Incremental improvements can no longer generate the efficiencies demanded by policy-makers, and citizens for transparency, cost control, and improved service delivery. Transformative thinking is the only way forward.

How We Help

Vaughan, Markham and Richmond Hill

Camrose Police Service

The Camrose Police Service faced several challenges preparing for the national transition to NG9‑1‑1. BH Group Inc. conducted an NG9-1-1 readiness Assessment and Cybersecurity review. 


Federal Government Of Malaysia

BH Group Inc. was contracted to perform a detailed study to determine root causes for several technical and operational inefficiencies in the MERS national 999 emergency response system and propose solutions.